Why we all need process!

Making sure a digital agency’s team complete their timesheets on a daily basis is always a challenge for any Account Manager, but in the end this is essential to understand the efficiency of every project managed.

For project owners and clients, we need to understand if the project team are on track and of course this can work in favour of both parties. While timesheets are indeed just a small part of the project process, they are a key action in the five stage production process I have developed over the years:

Phase#1 Discovery
During the Discovery phase we learn about a client’s business and its requirements from the project, both functional and technical. It’s here we  meet with the various stakeholders and establish the project timescales, risks and success factors.

Phase#2 Planning
Planning generally involves further meetings and discussions to establish how the project is to be implemented in detail. The goal is to produce a detailed functional and technical specification, wireframes, user flows, design route and a finalised project plan and cost estimate to be signed-off by the client before production starts.

Phase#3 Production

Production is the build phase of the project, during which designs are finalised, code written and content added. By the end of the production phase we will deliver a completed web site or application, ready for testing and sign-off.

Phase#4 Deployment
The completed web site or application is then tested, tweaked and moved to a production environment ready for use.

Phase#5 Maintenance
Once a project has launched that is rarely the end of the story. We provide a variety of support options to ensure that a web site or application continues to run smoothly.

I understand that not every project requires lots and lots of process driven management, however, this certainly gives me more clarity on where we are and what the client expects to in terms of content they may need to provide and their website launching on time. What process steps helps you drive results and efficiency in your company?

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