Which methodology suits your project?

When it comes to the world of project management, there are various options. Your success depends on choosing the right method and typically the methodology you decide to use will be dictated by any of these factors: your project requirements, client, project team, timescales and cost.

By considering the different options, you can choose the best fit, saving you time and money. There are three methodologies we will be discussing in this post: Agile, Waterfall, and Prince2.

The Agile methodology is built on incremental work cadences known as sprints. Agile helps teams respond to projects with a large amount of unpredictability. What are the benefits of using Agile?

  • Provides the opportunity for continuous assessment throughout a project’s lifecycle. This allows for adjustments along the way to project completion. It is a “assess and adjust” approach.
  • For stakeholders, Agile allows companies to be more competitive in the marketplace as evaluation every two weeks typically allows developers to keep up with market relevance.

A linear approach to development, Waterfall differs from Agile in that each stage is assigned to a separate team. The sequential or linear approach ensures a step-by-step process. The advantage of Waterfall is that the strategy is clear.

  • The team begins by analyzing and prioritizing the project.
  • Requirements are translated into a plan as the design phase gets underway.
  • Code is then implemented and evaluated.
  • If all is well during evaluation, maintenance begins.

However, if changes need to be made, the team must return to the coding process and start again.

Prince2 revolves around people having various roles in project completion. First you have an overseer or Project Manager. Roles of the Project Manager include:

  • Selecting people to work on the project.
  • Being responsible for ensuring project completion.
  • Drawing up the plan and communicating to the team what is involved along with the time frame.

Then you have the Customer. This is the user of the product. The project specialist is the person who provides the knowledge and expertise. Prince also incorporates a “Project Board.” The board consists of someone representing the customer side “senior user” and the specialist side “senior supplier.”

Now the choice is yours. You have three options to choose from each with their own set of benefits and pitfalls of course. The key is to find the method that aligns best with your project. You too can reap the rewards of a well-managed system. So, what will it be? Agile, Waterfall, or Prince2?

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