“Osman always has a clear vision of what is required to complete a project on time and on budget. His energetic proactive approach and attention to detail is second to none. Best of all he is an absolute pillar of calm in times of crisis, all in all, a great person to work with”.
Denise Hector
Global Brand & Digital Marketing Manager, Vertu

“Osman is an experienced and pro-active Production Director. He uses his broad knowledge and considerable organisational skills to ensure that projects are kept on time and on budget and that the clients and the team are fully-informed every step of the way. A consummate professional, he’s always been a great pleasure to work with, and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again in future.”
James Gardiner
Strategic CTO / Technical Director, Route Digital & Groovytrain

“Osman is a meticulous planner, excellent negotiator, and the most organised person I’ve ever met While I worked with him he ensured projects were scheduled and planned properly, while managing clients’ feedback to ensure successful delivery and client satisfaction.”
Alan Hitchin
Lead Developer, Route Digital & Groovytrain

“I had the pleasure of working with Osman several times during my career, we first worked together at Microgistix. At Microgistix Osman developed and implemented strategies to grow and enhance the relationship with our key clients and affiliated partners. His project management capabilities was nothing less than operational excellence. During his time at Microgistix Osman oversaw the execution of all projects for HP & Compaq, he ensured clients expectations and corporate objectives were successfully achieved. Osman made outstanding contribution to Mircogistix, was a great team player and trusted colleague. Osman has an excellent track record in project management, Osman’s high stand of work always met the strategic and operational objectives of any project he undertook. Osman possess considerable experience in the digital, with a significant amount of this experience in web, e-commerce, applications and m-commerce. Osman has the ability manage all design and build project from execution to implementation. Osman is a strong leader who can motivate and engage teams with skills in leading complex design disciplines.

Osman is results oriented with the ability to balance other business considerations. Osman will be an asset to any organisation, Osman has a unique ability to establish credibility and be decisive but able to recognise and support the organisations preferences and priorities. Osman has always exceeded in client expectation and his professional presence in the industry with clients and partners has left something to be admired.”
Maya Schulz
UX & Customer Experience Digital Marketing Specialist, Webcredible

“Osman is a focused and professional manager on all matters relating to digital and web production. He has an eye for detail and a rare ability to steer complex projects from brief to launch, whilst still remaining a nice guy. Osman would be a valuable asset for anyone wanting to maximise their digital production.”
Salvatore Minetti
Digital Consultant

“Osman is a great, knowledgeable manager always clear and specific about what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by.”
Chris Haynes
Lead Developer, Route Digital

“I worked with Osman on a number of high profile, international, product launches for the luxury brand Vertu. His dedication, attention to detail and deep understanding of the projects ensured we always delivered on time and on budget, which was staggering considering the tight deadlines and budgets we often faced.”
Scott Rawsthorne
Co-founder, Diamond Bullet

“Osman was a pleasure to work for; he is an innovative character who managed his accounts with flair. I observed the way he interacted with his clients and learnt much from his approach. Very calm and patient with whomever he dealt with, working with him made you want to achieve the best you could. His work ethic taught me alot. He always met his clients expectations and frequently exceeded them. I would jump at the chance to work with him again if the opportunity ever presented itself.”
Kessie A. Amponsah
Account Manager, Microgistix

“Osman was the engine within the organisation. From innovation through to delivery Osman was able to provide leadership and value. He was the main driver behind the ground breaking HP ipaqchoice.com programme which was a world first in providing an “App Store” for HP smartphone users. Osman excelled at building business, developer and supplier relationships. His personable style coupled with his expertise proved a winning combination. Osman built something from nothing which is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. I would jump at the chance of working with Osman again and recommend him without question.”
George Brand
Technical Project Manager, Microgistix

“I worked with Osman for a little bit more than at year. I reported directly to him at Microgistix. He was an excellent Project Manager, always striving for perfection, extremely dedicated and very confident. He introduced me to inventory management and customer focus. I can say that I found my career path thanks to him.”
Emilie Naiker
Customer Services & translation, Microgistix

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