My approach to Social Media

With so many social media channels available today, there are only a few which gets my focus and attention on a regular basis. I’m very specific about what type of content and effort is required for each channel and strongly believe one stream of social media should never function to purely feed another. So with that in mind, here are my key social media pages and some notes on what purpose they each provide me:

TwitterTwitter – This is my tool for professional tweets, following industry digital news, providing project management tips, tweeting about my blog posts and following general industry banter. You will never read personal tweets or news here.

FacebookFacebook – My primary and only use is personal! Here I share personal photos and catch up with friends and family. I’ll keep my friends list to a select few (I carefully consider friend requests. Meeting me once or twice and requesting to be my Facebook friend won’t work). This is about trust and I treat this like a closed friends social media group.

PinterestPinterest – I really love Pinterest, it’s the place where I combine professional photo boards and personal indulgence. Whether it’s an interest for cars or social media infographics, my Pinterest boards are a constant reminder on what I really find interesting and humorous. This is one social media channel I can really see myself using for years to come.

InstagramInstagram – A new tool for me (only started in June 2013) and I can understand why it’s been so popular of late. It’s not a place I’ll add lots of baby photos, but it’s a channel to add my own modern and interesting photography. This is one tool which links closely with Pinterest.

LinkedinLinkedIn – As a premium user its ideal to expose your professional work and career to potential new recruiters. It’s also the only social media channel I will engage with actively with other colleagues or business partners and wanted to stay in touch with. It’s ideal for networking and keeping an eye out for what’s happening in the industry.

I hope that’s been useful as it’s clear each social media channel serves it’s own purpose. Each and every one of us uses these same social media tools in different ways and I’m content with the way I share and engage with mine.

Let me know if you’re similar to me?

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