My most productive iPhone apps

One of the questions I get asked a lot is ‘which apps do you use the most when on the move to help support your management?’ and I have to say if it’s that important it’s normally on the first homescreen as it needs to be available quickly on my iPhone 5. The first four apps are easily in this category and are fixed on the first homescreen page. They are ‘Messages‘, ‘Mail‘, ‘Phone‘ and ‘Calendar‘ and these iOS apps alone have always remained here no matter which iPhone I had previously and the simply reason is I always need to check my messages/email quickly, return phone calls and I live and die by my calendar as this is used as a main task-list. If any of these disappeared tomorrow I would probably have a major panic attack.

Some more productivity apps on my homescreen:

  • Evernote – The best way to write notes on the move and the fact it’s synced to your cloud account is great. I use this for meetings and quick screen grabs.
  • Reminders – My reminders are categories in about 20+ categories. When I just need a quick to-do list this is the best app I find. I also like how it’s backed up to the cloud so I can update it on the PC.
  • Dropbox – The most important cloud syncing tool there is today. Every document I own is on Dropbox (and backed up elsewhere of course).
  • Appbox Pro – The best multi-purpose app there is and I’ve been using this for years. I specifically love the fact I can keep nearly 200+ passwords locked away that’s backed up to Dropbox via this app.
  • Tube Exits – Perfect when travelling on the UK Underground system as when you’re trying to save time, you know exactly which carriage to get on to get out of the station as efficiently as possible. Love it.

That’s gives you an idea of some of the productive apps I use on a daily basis, obviously all the social media apps are just as active too. It’s always interesting to see what else is out there that can complement these specific apps and their great features, so if you have some great app ideas, let me know.

One thought on “My most productive iPhone apps

  1. Evernote App and Dropbox App are some of the best apps which people generally include in there app lists. Some goods app here. You can also include Future Scheduler and Location Alerts in this productive iPhone apps list.

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