Creating a luxury experience online

Why do so many luxury and premium brands fail to deliver a truly engaging e-commerce experience – where you feel the same passion and wanting as an in-store experience?

I firmly believe that there is no quick solution; however with over 13 years experience in luxury online, working long-term with brands such as Mulberry, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vertu and Linde Werdelin, I would recommend a handful of key ingredients:

  • Build anticipation to The Great Reveal. Acquiring a luxury or premium product normally involves a great deal of anticipation – looking forward to the moment when you can handle/taste/wear that beautiful thing you desire. It’s not normally a process that’s over in seconds, which is why the best luxury websites manage to tease and build anticipation, right up to the point of The Great Reveal.
    You need to use a combination of advanced UX, user journey planning and years of information architecture design to ensure your user feels they are a VIP guest on your website.
  • Promote that granular detail. You know how you look at that new luxury watch in great detail, exploring the fine details that make it special? Well, that desire to investigate at the granular scale is a common luxury addiction. From the double stitching of a suit to the silk-lining of a leather bag, detail in luxury is everything. Unless your website is able to communicate the same level of detail, then your users will be missing much of what makes a luxury product special.
    I recommend to all my clients the ability to manipulate, increase, rotate and explore their products online.
  • Create passion through bold design. Luxury and premium brands are mostly an emotive indulgence, not an objective necessity. So if you want to stir the soul of your user, be bold, experiment and take a leap of faith.
  • Maintain the customer service experience. The concierge service is the ultimate for some luxury brands. Make sure you have the infrastructure in place to support what a luxury website can promote, the experience online should be simple, luxurious and functional. I can advise and work with you to make sure you take pride in how your products are delivered, and how your service will be perceived by all your customers, whether a first-timer or a regular.

As a luxury brand or digital agency that wants to execute the right message and experience online, get in touch for a discussion on how I can help you today.

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